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Peter Young is the founder of SafelyRetire.com. Starting as an auditor for a CPA firm, and then working for years as a financial analyst, Peter decided to start an insurance brokerage firm to help protect people and simplify their financial planning.


While working at the Hartford Courant newspaper as a financial analyst, Peter was amazed at how the corporate world "helped" their employees planning for their retirement. He was amazed at how everyone, no matter what their financial acumen was, was put in charge of their own retirement plans. Employees received a form to file for a 401k. Then had to decide how much and how to allocate their assets. How much in large cap, how much in small cap, how much of an allocation to foreign markets? Knowing that a good portion of Wall Street traders lose money, Peter couldn't believe employees were in charge of deciding how to invest for their retirement. He helped a few people with the forms, but it made him realize that there are a lot of hard working people that just don't have the means to hire high priced financial planners to help them with their retirement.

So SafelyRetire.com was started in 2013. SafelyRetire.com offers their clients protection throughout their life cycle. Life insurance with living benefits, Health Insurance, debt elimination plans, Medicare plans, and Annuities. We are currently licensed in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington.


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